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He specializes in three types of martial arts (Kung-Fu, Shuri-Ryu & Shotokan Karate).

The Collaborative Agency Group is a global speakers bureau working with top education speakers and thought leaders with expertise in K12 education, Higher Education, independent schools, education policy, teacher motivation, technology social media, middle school, emotional learning, global issues, change management, stress management, school leaders, social justice, alternative medicine. Remote education is affecting schools and educators alike.

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The Speakers Bureau presents programs on such.

Do you need to hire a trusted expert who can connect with your students or faculty? Here is a list of the best educational. . 95.

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Need a speaker for your club or book group? The Osher Speakers Bureau can provide presentations on the history and current offerings of the University of Richmond’s Osher Institute.

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Add dance breaks to encourage residents to move, or supplement your regular Exercise Class with a Chair Fitness session. edu or call (804) 287-6344.

Speakers include: – VAsher Ben-Arieh, The Haruv Chair for the Study of Child maltreatment, Hebrew University of JerusalemHarvard Graduate. If not, we can accommodate you via an over-the-phone appointment.

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Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University.

Education speakers speak on a wide range of industries and topics relevant for all stages of development, from early childhood and higher education to professional development.

watson@richmond. . 1 agency working with schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities to provide talks, workshops and full day activities for students.

Our Speakers Bureau offers more than 30 different workshops and presentations for older adults, caregivers, community groups, and employers. . If you're in the Decatur, IL area, in-office and in-home appointments are available. Co-ed. Every day, senior centers around the country offer an exciting array of programs for older adults.

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Education's leaders, influencers, and experts can help guide schools and organizations through these seismic.

Memories of Childhood.

Chiu, is a Former Army Specialist, and CPS Investigator.

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