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. Phil Imholte, MA, Minnesota States Univ, Mankato.

A valid, reliable evaluation inventory, the Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF; Partington & Orlick, 1987), was utilized to achieve the program evaluation objectives.


A valid, reliable evaluation inventory, the Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF; Partington & Orlick, 1987), was utilized to achieve the program evaluation objectives. . Total scores on the Consultant Evaluation Form correlated significantly with positive validation elicitors (r = -.

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Teachers rated the 12 items on a 7-point Likert scale from 1 = strongly disagree to 7 = strongly agree. Form (CEF; Erchul 1987), which consists of 12 items rated on a 7-point Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree,7 = strongly agree). The number of points to be given under each of the evaluation criteria are: Points (i) Specific experience of the Consultants related to the assignment [5 - 10] [Insert sub criteria] [Insert sub criteria] [Insert sub criteria] (ii) Adequacy of the proposed work plan and methodology.

An evaluation of the items on the CEF suggests. A 21-item, with five domains, (orientation, clinical educator/teacher, ward staff and environment, clinical hurdles, and university) Clinical Evaluation Form (CEF) was developed.

To evaluate consultant effectiveness, the consultants created a form that included two items from the Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF; Partington & Orlick,.

The evaluation system benefits both the Department and the Consultant.

08, r =. Sport Psychologist.

. Published 1 December 1987.

John S.
uation Form (CEF; Erchul, 1987) is an instrument utilized within consultation to as- sess the effectiveness of a consultant.

Its use is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

The rating system provides the Department with a means for rewarding those Consultants who perform good work,.

. Some indirect empirical support in this study for a collaborative interpretation of consultant dominance comes from its near significant correlation (p <. .

. One of the most commonly used evaluations of SPCs is the Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF; Partington & Orlick, 1987a). 3. . 62), with inference emitters (r =.

NCBI by I Park · 2023 — The Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF) by Partington and Orlick [10].

. The sport psychology consultant evaluation form.


Evaluated US Olympic sport psychology consultants and the services they provide; used a consultant evaluation form (CEF) to examine effective sport.

62), with inference emitters (r =.

likelihood of use of social power bases when consulting with teachers; and the Consultant Evaluation Form (CEF), which was modified to assess psychologists’ self-evaluations of.

Centre directors completed the Consultant Evaluation.