Version: 29. .

Optionally check ‘AutoStart’ if you want to have VirtualCam start whenever OBS is running.

OBS allows you to run live video processing, similar to what you would see in a live television.

The face-swap technology. Scammers simply find a video of an influencer talking online, they then take out the audio from the video and use free apps online such as ManyCam or OBS to edit it to make it sync up with the new audio they want to insert into the video. start Virtual Camera.


7K loves, 165K comments, 54K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Streams Of Joy International: 2 DAYS OF "AND THE LORD. . Step 1: Set up your green screen with proper lighting for better video.

In this case, you can use OBS to stream a fake video in place of your webcam. Other developers can use the OBS code in their own projects as long as they obey the guidelines set forth in the GPLv2.

Programmer Ali Aliev.

However, you can also apply these steps to Zoom, Teams, Skype, and similar video call programs.

Done! You should now see ‘OBS-Camera’ as a webcam option. Step 2: Download and install OBS Studio.

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OBS allows you to integrate graphics, videos, multiple camera sources, text, and more into its viewport, and more importantly, using that viewport as a webcam source.
After I click save, close and open the settings, it still shows OBS as the chosen camera.

To test this setup I’m using an empty Jitsi video call, or in other words a room that nobody else is joining, so I can replicate a call without asking coworkers to.

The quality is not the best, and requires fine face matching and tuning parameters for every face pair, but enough for funny videos and memes or real-time streaming at 25 fps using 35 TFLOPS GPU.

Ever since installing OBS I am unable to use any other camera other than OBS Virtual Camera for my messenger calls. . .

. Create scenes with multiple types of video sources, including your computer display, video games, webcams, video files, and more. Sep 29, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">How to make a fake video call using OBS. Check the box for either Main Output or Preview Output, depending which you prefer. In OBS select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, then ‘VirtualCam’.


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Stream your video productions on sites like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook live, or record your videos locally to share.

And if we are using OBS, we owe to the non-paid software developers that did this wonderful program.


All the others can be turned off, since a single NDI source will contain the voice of all the people involved in the call.

OBS allows you to run live video processing, similar to what you would see in a live television.